by | 20/02/2020

The Rare Malts Selection is a series of bottlings that has left its mark on the Scotch Whisky landscape. The series was launched in 1995 with the aim of bringing rare whiskies from mothballed distilleries back to the drinkers. Bringing rare whisky back to the drinker is a purpose that we share here at Cheaper By The Dram, so we are thrilled to be making two of these bottles, which are now sough-after collectors’ items in their own right, once again available to drinkers.

Glenury Royal 1971, 23 year old, Rare Malts Selection

CBTD REF NO.17 was distilled at the now silent Glenury Royal distillery in 1971. It was bottled at a relatively hefty 23-years old at cask strength – 61%. This is (or was before we got our hands on it) a coveted collector’s bottle and these retail at £1,000. You can try a dram for just £47 per dram.

Hillside (Glen Esk) 1970, 25 year old, Rare Malts Selction

CBTD REF NO.18 was distilled at the Hillside distillery in 1970. Hillside is a distillery that has gone by many names and it was known as Glen Esk before it ceased distillation to concentrate on malting. This whisky was bottled at a wonderful 25 years old single malt, and as it standard for the Rare Malts Selection it was bottled at cask strength, which in this case is 60%. This bottle retails at £800 and you can buy a dram for £44.

The entire Rare Malts Selection series was bottled unfiltered at cask strength. The casks that were bottled were carefully selected and as such even though these two casks are both well over 20 years old they still have really healthy ABVs; 61% and 60% for the Glenury Royal and Hillside respectively. As such all Rare Malt bottles come with a warning; they recommend adding water to your dram –specifically diluting with two thirds water.

If that seems a bit much for you then just add a bit at a time and see how the flavour profile change.

CBTD REF NO.17 and NO.18 will be available to buy on 1st April 2020.


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