by | 26/11/2019

It is that time of year. The time when you are not only expected to spend all your hard-earned cash on presents for other people but also to spend all your precious free time not only buying those presents but thinking of the perfect thoughtful and personal gift.

To make matters worse they shove ‘Black Friday’ in there just before Christmas so everyone goes out and buys the stuff they want for themselves. I am sure I am not alone when I sit there trying to work out what to buy my allocated person in secret Santa and come out in faint coffee sweats instead of feelings of festive good spirit.

Alas, I do not have all the answers – I can’t help you with presents for people who don’t like whisky. But if they do then I am pretty sure that Cheaper By The Dram can give you a hand. All four (yes you read that right) whiskies in the next release are priced between £10-£20. Plus, (at the moment) we still have stock remaining from our previous releases so you will have a wide range of drams and prices to choose from.

Festive Double Release

On the 11th December we are doing a special double release. Partly because our second release in December would have fallen on the 25th and we expect we will be a busy drinking whisky, but mostly so that we can give you guys the biggest choice of whiskies to buy for your loved ones, liked ones and obligated to buy for ones.

What have we got for you? We have a Lowland, a Highland and two sex a-f Bruichladdich drams.

CBTD REF NO.09 is from a bottle of Glen Flagler bottled way back in the 1970s. Glen Flagler is a now rare Lowland single malt, which are renowned as easy drinking delicate drams. This is the perfect dram for the entry level whisky enthusiast, especially priced at £16 a dram.

CBTD REF NO.10 is from a bottle of Glenturret 12-year-old bottled in the 1980s. This Highlands dram is available for £10, which we think makes it a perfect gift: one that shows thought and has an interesting story behind it without breaking the bank.

CBTD REF NO.11 was distilled by Bruichladdich in 1989 and bottled by First Cask at 19 years old in 2008. Bruichladdich is one of the big names in whisky so is sure to put a smile on any whisky connoisseur’s face, and at £13 a dram it should keep the smile on your face too.

CBTD REF NO.12 is another Bruichladdich, this one was distilled in 1976 and bottled in 1994 by Cadenhead at 17 years old. Cadenhead is one of the famous independent bottlers and their bottles are very collectable, plus this whisky was distilled before Bruichladdich’s temporary closure so this dram is sure to impress any whisky enthusiast. It is just £20 a dram for a taste of history.

Available now

We have some stock remaining from previous releases that is available now in our store.

CBTD NO.01: Heavily peated whisky from a bottle of Octomore 1.1, perfect for whisky drinkers who like dense, smoky and hard-hitting flavours and those who love to push the boundaries and try new things. £45 a dram

CBTD NO.03: For the brand lovers, this is a Macallan bottled at cask strength by JG Thomson. If they know whisky and like sherry finishes, they will be impressed by this. £33 a dram.

CBTD NO.04 & NO.05: For the Laphroaig fan the chance to taste two 15-year-old drams from different decades side by side would surely make for the best Christmas tipple. Priced at £35 a dram for the 1980s bottling and £13 a dram for the 1990s bottling.

CBTD NO.07 & NO.08: We’re not elitist at Cheaper By The Dram; blended whisky is welcome here. It is especially welcome when it comes with the chance to try whisky from the 1950s, including a dram of White Horse that includes spirit from the infamous (and now silent) Malt Mill. £14 for a dram of Black & White and £35 for the White Horse dram with Malt Mill included.

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